Dave Kurlan on Sales Insanity and What the Future of Sales Holds

Dave KurlanIt is always a great day when I can speak with a long time sales scientist with the insight of Dave Kurlan. If you know anything about B2B sales development, you should know who Dave is.

His company, Objective Management Group, is the Pioneer and Industry Leader in sales force evaluations and sales candidate screening. Dave keeps busy improving upon the discoveries he and his team have made over 30 years of research working with over a million sales reps. One million.

Dave discovered 21 core competencies of top sellers. He writes, speaks, and teaches about how good sales leadership can impact a sales team and how great Sales DNA is critical for success in selling.

In this interview, Dave and I discuss the state of sales reps and sales leadership.

Dave is a prolific blogger on sales and sales leadership. In addition to hearing our conversation, check out a couple of these blog posts he’s written:

Sales Coaching and the Challenges of Different Types of Salespeople

The Three Most Important Questions about Sales Process

Take a listen to my interview with Dave and see if any of his comments surprise you – especially if you are a company leader, sales leader or a sales rep.

I asked Dave what he thinks about all the many sales tools we have to make selling better – but as a profession we aren’t better - see what Dave says we need to focus on.

We talked about why people think they have all the answers when they don’t. This is something rampant in the sales improvement business we are in.

Dave will also offer his thoughts on colleges and universities teaching sales.

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