Create a Mindset of Unbelievable Success in Your Business Role

mindset of unbelievable successWhen you are involved in business leading others, or as an individual contributor helping company revenues grow, you need to draw on tools from within your own personal “toolbox” for success.

Ask Dan Waldschmidt about success and he might tell you about how one of 150 of the “ordinary” people he interviewed for his book, Edgy Conversations, think about and live their life.  Each one of these people have extraordinary stories. It is a highly recommended read to help you get in the frame of mind for success.

Dan says, “Awesome IS a tangible business goal. If you want to change the world, you need to shoot for “awesome”. Awesome is something we all know, because you can do something and then ask others if that WAS awesome. We know it – so make it part of your mindset. Awesome comes easy if you work for it.”

What would you do if you were guaranteed that it would not fail? When you come to a business challenge from this standpoint you are more open to possibilities than closed to them. This means that some of the most creative ideas to build and grow business will come through – if you take a moment to reset your thinking in this way.

Three Ways to Reset Your Mind toward Unbelievable Success

Start reading a series of books or e-books that discuss ways to be successful. I have listed a few in a recent post on being optimistic.  If you are not a reader, try the audio book version or listen to top podcasts.

Watch TED talks. This is particularly a great thing to do this time of year around the holidays. If you see your personal production sliding a bit – or you are getting distracted due to all of the peripheral things that happen this time of year – go to and search for “success” or “attitude” – there are over 1000 choices under “success” – then just scroll down to someone you’ve heard of or a topic that is intriguing.

Visualize success by getting images of the life you see ahead and what you are working towards in front of you wherever you are – at your desk and on your screen. One tip is to grab screen images when you find something inspiring- a favorite saying or a new saying that is powerful. One image I have on my screen saver includes the saying, “Never confuse activity with accomplishment”

Start Now

There is no time like the present to sharpen your mind and find new ways of looking at business issues. This is one way to solve difficult business challenges and to create new ways of attacking future business.  Consider a 20 minute brainstorming session with your team today and from that brainstorm, where any idea is not looked down upon – take away 3 ideas to explore.

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This post is sponsored by the great folks at TechSmith. All opinions (as always) on this blog are my own.

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