Challenge or Change - New Year But Same Old You

Challenge New Year But Same Old YouFor most of us we are getting back into our usual routine or we have adopted some new strategies  - temporary or perhaps even some great new habits that can create positive change. As a seller or sales leader you know (if you are successful) that change and evolution are ongoing.

Who you were when you began in your sales career is very different than who you are today for most of us. If you are new in a selling career, your mind is probably working like a sponge – taking it all in and feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time.

Eventually you settle on a routine. It is the routine that can cost you missed opportunities and growth. So instead, try not to be too settled.

Settling prevents you from trying something new – that new location where your next best rep might be located (if you are a sales leader)

Settling prevents you from a slight shift in your messaging which creates bigger responses and better opportunities.

Settling keeps you from expanding your prospecting strategies – remember you said you’d improve your LinkedIn profile and start seeing what your buyers are doing in LinkedIn groups? What happened? You settled for what you know now.

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Settling stagnates you and prevents you from reaching out to 3 OTHER contacts in your client company where more opportunities await. You stick with your “guy” or “gal” who likes you and replies to you.

Get on the edge this year.

Stretch and reach out where you are not so comfortable.

What will YOU do differently that will cause NEW and BETTER results?

If you stop growing, you die – especially in professional selling.

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