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sales quotes for inspirationEarlier this year, LinkedIn started a discussion about women in sales. There was the infographic that got the discussion kicked off. Some debated the findings, but all of us agree on the value of discussing diversity. A number of us shared content about our own stories of getting into sales. What I found interesting is that many of my female peers in sales or sales effectiveness got into sales accidentally. I, on the other hand, intentionally chose a career in technology sales where I could earn the same or more as my male counterparts. Not bad thinking for a 22 year old single mom, right?

The project at LinkedIn was driven by social champion (and LinkedIn Global Senior Social Marketing Manager) Koka Sexton as well as by Alex Hisaka, Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn. If you missed this discussion, it's worth a read. Those of us who contributed to it didn't want it to just be a topic with LinkedIn moving on to the next topic.

Since I have worked in a field with few women experts and few women company leaders or even sales leaders who have high visibility, I think there is a huge opportunity for growth here. This week offers some down time for a number of sellers and sales leaders - if you're looking for some good stuff to read, please visit:

Sales Shebang - site to find sales tips and ideas

Trends of Women in Sales (Infographic)

Women in Sales Articles

Thanks to Alex Hisaka for creating our own infographic for Sales Shebang with quotes from some of our sales experts. - we were glad to have you and Koka included here, too.

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