Where to Find Women B2B Sales Experts

Where to find top women sales expertsI met world-renowned sales expert Jill Konrath virtually back in 2005 or so, after she had written her first best-selling sales book, Selling to Big Companies. Her book came out, I read it, and I wrote a review for my fledgling B2B sales blog. I sent her an e-mail about the post, we had a phone conversation, and that conversation began a wonderful friendship and mentorship that I treasure.

Jill, and other women have spoken up over the last 10 years about the small showing of female role models in professional selling - especially in technology sales, where I have spent much of the past 30 years in. Jill created Sales Shebang(R) in 2007 online and as a conference for women in sales.

When many professional women in sales I know attend professional conferences about selling, we want to meet, see, and hear successful women speaking on ways to grow revenues in companies large and small in addition to the great men we are proud to call our peers.

We want younger women thinking about career choices to consider a career in professional selling. We need, not just want, to see more women in Sales Leadership roles and executive roles.

We want to leave an impact on everyone with our skills, smarts, and results.

But for years, it was difficult to find a list of who some of the top results-focused women are. I have personally attended more than ten established conferences where a single female speaker was on the main stage - or none at all, with up to 18 or 20 presenters. I have given feedback to the organizers, with mixed results. Some said they didn't know many female sales experts or where to find them. That is all in the past now because Sales Shebang® re-launched this week. It is our virtual binders full of women. Sales Shebang® is a community of the top female B2B sales experts in the world. I'm proud and honored to preside over this group now, and wanted to share on this blog what an impact the experts in this group have on the B2B sales community.

10 of them are listed as Top Sales Influencers at Top Sales World - a community that greatly embraces women sales experts (thanks, Jonathan Farrington for your vision!)

6 are listed as Top 25 B2B Sales Influencers for 2014 by Openview Venture Partners.

The top 25 or so on Twitter (top meaning that they have the largest following) represent half a million followers - this group is a socially connected bunch! (you can follow at @salesshebang)

ANYONE starting out in professional selling (business-to-business) is welcome in this community. We offer tips, ideas, strategies, tools, connections, and insight to help you sell more and sell quicker and better. Join us on the website Sales Shebang, and join us in the open LinkedIn community with your questions and comments.

The best part about these women is that they are ethical and high integrity - it is a requirement for participation. Thousands of companies have benefited by working with these experts, and now there is an easy way to find them for speaking, consulting, training, coaching, blogging, and for a list of fantastic sales books.

Come visit and there is an e-book for you with sales tips and ideas to download. See you there!

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