Using Phone and eMail to Close Business

Used with permission of Leads360Recently there was a report published on converting B2B sales leads into deals that we blogged about. The study was researched by Leads360. They also just created a handy Infographic to go with it, so take a look and enjoy. See their post with a bigger version of the graphic here and get the link to the report.

The big statistic everyone was talking about was that when a lead is contacted within ONE minute of a potential buyer inquiring, the chances to convert that lead increased a whopping 391%. But the fact remains that companies don't often respond quickly.

Some ideas you might want to think about heading into 2013:

Do you have an inbound marketing tool or set of tools to help attract buyers?

In addition to the tool(s), do you have a documented process on how to review and rate the leads that come in?

Do you have knowledgeable people to support an inbound program? Buyers want to speak with someone who can hold a business conversation and offer ROI information, not just someone with a pulse and a heartbeat.

We'd love your thoughts about money being left on the table at your company and elsewhere due to a poor system of converting leads - especially ones who are coming right to you.
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