Traits of Good Sales Managers

do you have a good sales managerWe are creating an epic list of skills and traits of good sales managers. I've mentioned a number of times over the years that I had 23 sales managers in my selling career - yes it was a good number of years in sales, but there was a sort of "revolving door" in at least a couple of companies that gave me more sales leaders than one seller could ever want.

Some of the sales leaders were phenomenal - like Al Martin who came from IBM. He was the type of person than you'd work extra hours and go the additional mile for.

Others were "bad to awful". I won't mention any names since we are about 4 degrees away from just about anyone these days, but I will say that I could write a book about those bad experiences. Instead I'm choosing to focus on the positive. (Who knows - we could do a sequel on bad after we cover good)

This is where YOU come in. What traits do you admire about your sales manager if you are a rep? What characteristics or skills does your awesome sales leader (or former sales leader from a previous job) have? If you are a CEO or in leadership, what traits do you admire about the sales leaders in your organization?

I'm saving my list of 12 to post AFTER we have all of YOURS. Please share!!

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