Top 10 Tips for Voice Mail Success in Sales

grow sales top ten voice mail tipsIf you make your living trying to connect with people by phone, through email, or a combination thereof, start thinking more scientifically first, about what you are doing and saying. After that, add in the artistic element - the fact that you are calling human beings and leaving voice messages for real people, not a name on a list.

Here are ten quick ideas -- any one of them, when applied, could help you get an additional meeting, demo, or customer.

  1. Have a compelling value proposition – why can you help companies? Know this backwards and forwards.
  2. Use bulleted points rather than a script – scripts sometimes sound like you’re reading them, but bullet points can remind you of important points to mention.
  3. Be brief – 30 seconds is a good rule of thumb. No more than 45.
  4. Pull your value proposition into the message – “many of our clients have looked for ideas on ways to reduce costs / streamline reporting [etc.] One of our recent clients was able to see a 30% reduction……”
  5. Lead with credibility – mention a vendor, a client, or a strategic partner
  6. Sound CONFIDENT and like an equal – you are a professional - “let’s set up a time to talk”
  7. Don’t give out too much info – you’re not trying to close a deal, you’re trying for more time.
  8. You must give a compelling reason for them to return your call.
  9. Most WON’T return your call. I don’t call potential vendors or partners back usually. Know that this is a prime BRANDING opportunity for you to show your word, your deeds, and professionalism.
  10. Create up to 5 unique voice mail messages you can use in sequence.
What tips do you have? We'd love to share them.

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