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[soliloquy id="7440"]I have spent some time ranting a bit about how poor many B2B websites are when it comes to utilizing them on a mobile platform, such as a smart phone or tablet. We know that according to eMarketer, “more than 59% of B2B purchase decision makers and influencers use their smart phones to gather information when purchasing products or services”

Research also shows that 65% of executives are comfortable making a business purchase from a mobile phone (Forbes, “The Untethered Executive”). So why is your website not optimized for viewing on a mobile device?

I did an unscientific survey of webinar tool sites as if I was evaluating and making a purchase from my smart phone. It could have been any B2B product or service.

In fact, look up your company’s website as well as your industry counterparts and competitors.

For this experiment I looked up webinar tools and webinar platforms. There are a few of the “big guys” in this space, and then there are tons of smaller companies. How does one go about choosing a webinar platform for their business?

This is a pure B2B need that is being searched on all the time. In my search I looked for “webinar platform” and “webinar tool” to get dozens of choices.

You can see one that is very difficult to read because it is not optimized for mobile. Others are helpful and engaging. They pique my curiosity, entice me with an offer to try for free – no credit card required – which also means it is easy to get started.

The time is NOW to build for the future with your website. No more 2001 stuff, please. We are about to go into 2015 and smart marketers and sellers are positioning for predominantly mobile viewing of their site, offers, and ways to connect

Have you tried a mobile experiment yet?

Make it a good use of your time, and start shopping for a service you are in need of for your business, like I shared previously. If you are a service provider, do some searching for a service. If you offer products, see how others are showcasing products. It is an evolution, and now is clearly the time to be thinking about this and planning for Q4 into 2015.

Can you reach out to your customers through your mobile devices on the road?

Can you collaborate with other business partners?

Does what you do on the road tie into what you have back at the office?

Are you making the best use of everyone’s time or are there numerous redundant instances of double entry?

Just as I searched for great mobile sites for webinar services, you can begin your research into mobile too. Look at your competitor’s sites while you are at it. What are they doing well, and how can you create a better or different experience?

Perhaps September is the time to put a date on the calendar to brainstorm and create the next iteration of your best insight online. It does, after all, represent you.


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