Summer Sales Challenge for B2B Sellers

Recently I wrote about how many of us (sales pros, business owners, and others in selling) tend to slide during the summer months for about three reasons - but mainly because we all tend to set lower expectations assuming it is a bad time to reach so many who may be taking a day off here or there.

You can see that post here and my S.P.I.C.E. formula for success during this time.

Today I read a great post from Chris Brogan, who I think is one of the smartest guys out there today helping businesses grow.

Chris gave HIS formula for success this summer, called Summer Diet inspired by his daughter. If you haven't seen it you owe it to yourself to check it out.

As I read Chris' list of what he will be doing, I had to think of my plan and strategy not only for us but our clients.

One great client yesterday told me that their biggest push of the year is in July, August, and September so that they can deliver their custom projects by the end of the year. Each rep has a custom plan they are working to help support the themselves and their company achieving the numbers.

For me, I think of the great New England summer weather and am also making time to enjoy the water and especially our extended family.

But you can bet we are still goals focused, and working a plan - that includes downtime and the outdoors - yet we'll measure our results just as we did.

So enjoy the season - enjoy friends and family - just don't discard your goals. Modify them if you need to. The worst thing you can do is just slow down, slack off, and lose accountability. Be conscious of your decisions, find ways to outsource, collaborate, and off load what is not important.

Now that it is officially summer in North America - happy summer. What are YOU working on that in September, you'll be proud that you did?

Also, here's a Summer Sales Book Reading List put together by Nancy Bleeke.

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