Seth Godin Speaks and Marketers Listen

Seth Godin Teaches How to MarketThe annual HubSpot INBOUND conference started as a great get-together for fans of the inbound marketing software platform a few years back and has grown now to being one of the biggest and best marketing conferences out there.

Hubspot has made some smart moves in building this event to a whopping 5300 attendees here in Boston this year representing 35 countries. I'm about to hear Arianna Huffington speak, yet I'm still raving over yesterday's opening keynote, the inimitable Seth Godin. Sign up for his blog here.

Seth went on for a good hour talking about the speed of technological change and the boringness of being a mass producer. There were a few big takeaways for me throughout his talk:

  • There is an enormous amount of disconnection in the world. Show up to lead.
  • Don't make average stuff for average people
  • There IS no shortcut.
  • You need a combination of trust building, and permission.
  • You earn business by being generous and being an artist.
  • Everyone seems to want a map - there are no maps. They minute you get a map it becomes color by numbers.

It is not that these are such new topics, he just has a way of sharing examples that ring so true. I'm hopeful he allows HubSpot to post the video somewhere, and if not, I'll be sharing more examples post-conference.

The room loved Seth. He was fantastic to get a beginning of a conference room full of people to think bigger.

More great quotes from Seth were captured by colleague Paul Gillin.

What makes you think bigger?

Who makes you think bigger?

What will you do with that thought - take action?

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