Sales Lessons and Pillow Talk

"Prospective Customers Don’t Always Know What They Need"

For a long time, I used a contour bed pillow and thought it was great. It solved an issue of being more comfortable for my head and neck. The problem over time though became that I could never flip it over, like a standard pillow. I couldn't fluff it.

The funny thing was that I didn’t know I wanted to flip it over. It stayed stationary, other than the pillow case getting changed – it was just there. It seemed fine.

Then I bought a new pillow – not because I needed one, but because it was packaged well and looked interesting. It has “memory foam micro cushions”  It said in the marketing materials:

This pillow gently molds and conforms to your head and neck providing pressure relieving support while remaining workable for those who like to fold and fluff.

Who knew I was a fluffer? Yes, I discovered with my new pillows that I do like to fluff and I don’t like an unmovable contoured pillow. It is ten times more comfortable for me. But I THOUGHT I had the right solution already.

Prospects and clients are like this, aren’t they? Two things stand out for me:

1)    People don’t always know what they need or what will make their situation better, so asking them won’t give you (or them) the answers – only by knowing the issues they face, through powerful questions and a strong understanding of their market sector.

2)     What appears to be an obvious answer is not always the right one. Many people would suggest a contoured pillow – they are wonderful for many people – just not the best choice for me. I sleep better now with my “memory foam micro cushions” instead of a solid piece of memory foam. Blanket solutions in sales are the same – they don’t work for everyone.

Instead of this pillow talk making you sleepy – think about how it can apply to your prospective customers and how you can help them build their business with your solutions.

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