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This week I had the pleasure of listening in on a webinar led by a colleague of mine in B2B sales. Kendra Lee of KLA Group, is considered a Prospect Attraction Specialist and IT Sales Guru. She has built a very successful business in the niche of technology.

Kendra's webinar was on 12 tips for implementing lead generation campaigns. She began by contrasting the difference between the standard prospecting many of us do, and in creating formal lead generation campaigns. I realized that in our own business, we are much less formal that I'd like to be, and even as someone who talks about prospecting all day long, I picked up ideas that we can put right into place.

In fact, just look at all my notes! (it also shows my obsession for sticky notes)

This reminds me that no matter how smart you think you are, there is always room to hear someone else's ideas, tips, and strategies for success.

It is also part of the reason that I love working with the sales profession. Anyone who is a know-it-all usually is the least informed person in the room. Those of us who have lost just one deal - maybe out of 10 or 20 or more - want to know what went wrong so as to not repeat it the next time around. If you only bring half or one-third of your deals to closure, you are even more intent to find out how to improve.

Kendra Lee offers some great webinars on effective use of e-mail in prospecting. She also does email makeovers live - so check out her site.

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