There is Always Room for a New Client

make room for new clientsWhen I was in my early years in technology sales, I had a great sales manager named Clarence Waters. Sure, he was old school, from Oklahoma, and maybe didn't think I was as capable when I started in outside sales because I was a single mom (more on that later) - but he had some "Clarencisms" that still ring true some 25 years later. A big one has to do with prospecting.

Clarence meant it literally, at our physical regional office when he used to say,
"There is always a parking space out front for a new customer". I came to learn the meaning of this in more of a virtual way.

Always be on the lookout - always be prospecting.

Even when you have that "big deal" a-l-m-o-s-t closed.... be working to fill your pipeline with the next opportunities.

Deals fall through.

Buyers are on the web now looking for your goods and services.

It's a short, simple lesson that needs to be shared because it seems that often sellers are so busy with minutia that they forget what grows business and builds their company - net new business and new sales revenues.

Take less time today talking with co-workers about what's coming up next weekend or working on existing clients' issues and more time finding your next buyer.

They are out there.

It's really and truly that simple.

Now go sell something.

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