Sales Prospecting in Beast Mode

Prospect like you are in Beast ModeAs the year draws to a close, it can be challenging to find inspiration to be productive when there are so many distractions going on.

Want to make the most of your days through the end of the year?

Just think Beast Mode.

Yesterday, Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks went "Beast Mode" on the Arizona Cardinals and ran for a 79 yard touchdown. If you see the replay, and I'm sure it will be shown thousands of times - you have to agree with me that it is one of the BEST plays of the year - how he got past everyone and stayed in bounds was amazing - oh, and he was sick on the sidelines before this play.

Former Seattle Seahawk Steve Raible gives a fantastic play-by-play account here. It is worth the listen.

Lynch didn't start the game - he missed Thursday practice due to some sort of stomach bug. He felt bad enough to sit out the first quarter of what was an important game for the Seahawks yesterday.

prospect like Marshawn Lynch Beast ModeBut when he played, he gave it all he's got. Just like he always does. Athletes and broadcasters lit up Twitter with some great tweets.

Which brings me back to you - do you come to work in Beast Mode? Or are you just "calling it in" today because you understand most people are not around - they are shutting down for the holidays? Chatting it up with your co-workers about what's going on for the holidays - swapping stories about your relatives and friends? Texting and emailing about last minute gifts or a last minute getaway? You can easily get "away" with it - because everyone is distracted.

My attitude is that you should give it your all or go home. There is no in-between here.

One of my clients set three appointments on Friday because he shifted his mind from "everyone's gone" to "I wonder who I can reach today?" He sent me an email at the end of the day and said it was all about thinking differently.

Shift your mind - shift your success.

What if that decision maker you have been wanting to reach IS around today?

What if you customized a LinkedIn note or InMail that causes them to be curious and more interested in your services and they respond today to your note?

How different would it be to begin 2015 with some solid appointments and opportunities rather than a blank slate?

What if you spent several hours working on a prospecting strategy for success - if in fact you really were reaching NO ONE now? Still going to chat with your cube neighbors most of the week? Get your work done - be focused and create a successful vision for next year.

The only variable in all of this is YOU. Will you work in Beast Mode today and the rest of the days you're paid to be in the office or will you mentally "shut down?"

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