Optimum Selling Environment

optimum selling environmentI have been thinking about environment lately - and the power of creating an optimum selling environment. This optimum selling environment would give you energy rather than draining away your energy. Energy is critical in selling.

Many people do no stop to realize that they can CHANGE their environment - and I am not just talking about your physical environment but rather 8 different aspects of your environment - the environment of YOU.

The eight environments of you include:

  1. your physical space
  2. your relationships
  3. your network
  4. your self
  5. your spiritual self
  6. intangibles
  7. nature
  8. your memes (thoughts, ideas, beliefs)

When you think of how you spend your time, who you are around, and what you read, for example - are these people, places and reading materials that help you craft your future and pull you forward? Or, are they draining, drawing your energy out at every turn. Do you know you can change that?

Find one aspect of your environment to examine and then make changes to give you more energy.

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