Must Read Sales Book: Rules of the Hunt by Michael Dalton Johnson

Rules of the HuntIf you read Rules of the Hunt you WILL gain lots of specific ideas and information about how to be a true professional in business. If you are a sales professional, this book is a must. It is a collection of easy-to-read ideas "on the go" which you can open at any page and gain a nugget of wisdom.

I got into B2B technology sales in my early 20's and I had some business sense, fortunately because I had an amazing mentor through our family run business. She was also a great sales leader. I still needed to learn so many things - dozens and dozens of which are in Michael Dalton Johnson's new book, Rules of the Hunt. What I love about this book is that it is chock-full of specific examples of what to do instead of the usual strategy stuff that is not specific.

How many times in business - dealing with people or with sales opportunities, have you thought, "I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works!" Just open this book and get a different perspective.

For example:

Gain your buyers trust: Michael offers tips for online companies to get fewer people abandoning a potential order by including specific things on the order page (page 63)

Learn telephone 101: If you prospect or sell by telephone, don't wing it. Save your sanity and invest in professional training.

(then goes on to give ways you can give yourself an advantage and successfully engage buyers)

The directory of all of his "rules" in this book are listed on page 201 along with accompanying page number for each. Nice!

The disclaimer in the beginning is also great in that there are no guarantees any of these ideas will work for you or me, but instead it is some fantastic inspiration and information that YOU can take and run with as you see fit. For me, that means that you can put your own spin on things, and you can open your mind to NEW possibilities - something we ALL need in professional sales and sales leadership.

You can read more great tips when you buy the book, and right now, at Rules of the Hunt you can gain tons of valuable bonuses worth hundreds of dollars if you bought them separately - really good stuff from some of my favorite colleagues. (Note: we are not an affiliate nor do we have an offer on the sales page. We just really like and highly recommend this book.)

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