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send smarter emails to buyersI am convinced sales reps are making key mistakes when it comes to sending email messages. The email I receive weekly from sales "professionals" serve as great examples. I was inspired to write this after reading my colleague Mark Hunter's post Preparing for Dreamforce and the Stupid Emails I've Been Getting.

I think he summarizes my thoughts well on this - sales pros need to do a BETTER job, putting in MORE effort to do some research, and then PERSONALIZE a message to me, your potential buyer!

Like Mark, I am also heading to Dreamforce (see my previous post) so am on everyone's list with a target on my back with vendors exhibiting.

One vendor's rep invited me to come and hear the top sales influencers they have asked to speak at sessions they are sponsoring. He didn't realize that I am one of those influencers - do a little homework, please - and don't send me a generic, un-segmented blast email.

It's sloppy, and it's lazy. It makes me not want to do business with companies when that happens.

Another email was from a sales rep asking me to check out their sales training program. Umm, that's what WE do. Oops. Sloppy.

Do some due diligence. And keep it short and to the point. Send a copy to yourself and read it on your smart phone. If you have to scroll down once or twice, it is TOO long.

Know who your buyer is - and know how you can be of value before you call.

Don't sell them - pique their interest because you have ideas on how you can help them in their work or in their life.

Otherwise, you're wasting your time and theirs.

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