Money Monday - Say More with Less

sell more by saying lessIt is human nature for sales professionals to say more than they need to when talking with clients and potential buyers. Consider instead, working to say more with less in your messaging.

We worked so hard to craft this messaging it is clear that most sellers keep talking and saying much more than they need to. Today, make more opportunities for yourself to close business through finding ways to change things up.

Cut your voice mail messages down to 25-30 seconds of customer-focused value.

Listen. When first talking with a prospective new client, ask more questions and work to see that they talk twice as much as you do. Take notes so you don't forget details of what they said - not doing this can come back to haunt you later.

Share enough when making first contact to pique your buyer's interest so that you can talk in further detail at a next conversation. This works well if you are newer in your sales role and may not have all of the answers you need to be of most help to the buyer.

Write brief email messages - copy yourself and then view one on your smart phone. Is it so long you have to scroll and scroll and scroll down to get through it? That's too long. You should be writing 3-4 sentences - that's IT. Contact us for our email success formula.

Describe client success stories in less words for bigger meaning by using visuals in PowerPoint presentations rather than lots of words.

Learn to replace weak words with powerful words and phrases. (Example: Instead of saying, "If you get a quick minute it would be great if you could give me a call back" change to "Call me back at _______. I look forward to your thoughts on this."

Know that this is one of the most important things you can do for success in sales.

More. With. Less. Can you do it?

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