Money Monday Enthusiasm Rules

Crank up enthusiasm to grow salesEnthusiasm for what you do as a professional seller is one of the main keys to success. Think of someone you met in recent months, or saw online who has a passion for life and a fervor for their career. They do what they love.

In selling, like no other profession, you need an energy and enthusiasm level that is great - enthusiasm rules. That does not mean "over the top" or artificial, but genuine. I've found that the best sellers truly love what they do, and it is conveyed through their voice, accomplishments, and revenues. They don't always love the boss they work for, but they are passionate about solving buyer issues and winning them over on their product and service solutions.

People say it all the time that you can "see" someone's smile through the phone - but do you really believe it?

TRY for this week to smile more when you connect with prospective clients - even by email. A light-hearted seller will write a better email than someone who is stressed and feeling pressured.

Are you extremely aware that potential buyers and future advocates can tell if they are dial number 52 today or if they feel like the only buyer in your world? How they feel is very much influenced by how YOU communicate with them.

Here are areas you can show and share your enthusiasm for your career:

At your office: do you come in with a smile on your face, ready to tackle the week? If you are down and bummed that it is Monday, well.... it shows, and it affects not just you but others around you.

On the phone: does each connection feel like the beginning of a new relationship or do you assume they won't have time or interest to speak with you? Understand that you need a multifaceted approach to reach potential buyers and future advocates / clients. Have the energy of someone who has just closed their biggest deal ever. Yea, be that person. It will show.

In your follow-up: do you do what you say in the actions after a conversation? If you said you'd send a follow-up email, do you regularly do that? If you are always behind, always rushed, and just skip over what you tell people you'll do, a funny thing will happen. You'll feel stressed and pressured. This is the last thing you want as a professional seller. Create a system for everything. Start with the biggest issue that is causing you stress and find a system to make sure you are able to follow through. It will change how you see your career - I promise!

In your activity: are you inspired to have one extra conversation today? How about five extra conversations? Find what it is that motivates and inspires you. Put up a picture of that (new house, boat, family, etc) and that will give you the energy and passion to succeed. It comes from you and only you.

What other ways can you show your energy, passion, and enthusiasm for your buyers and existing clients? Share your thoughts as it helps others. One idea can spark ten more.

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