Maintain Sales Momentum with a 60 Day Plan

plan ahead grow b2b salesAre you a seller or sales leader? Want to defy the odds during end of the year obstacles like holidays, pre-holidays, post-holidays and focusing ahead on 2013? Yesterday I wrote about maintaining focus, but we know you need more tactical ideas to make this happen. Craft a "60 Day Focus Plan". This plan helps you or your team stay on point with what needs to be done, namely revenue generation.

Athletes have practices and work with coaches every day, often in the off-season, to focus on the task at hand, which is for them hitting the ball, or shooting the puck, or connecting on passes. Why don't professional sellers and their leadership focus on their must-do's?

We are all starting to look forward to the next "best year ever" and in fact some sellers will ramp down their prospecting in favor of deal closure and future year planning. Somehow you must also think about nurturing the opportunities that will become deals either this year or next year.

What is a seller to do? Create our "60 Day Focus Plan".

1. Begin with a whiteboard, large sheet of paper, or digital drawing device.

2. Jot down what 3 realistic goals are over the next 60 days - they can be pulled from your existing sales plan.

3. Add in 1 stretch goal - if you could accomplish this, it would set you up well for the start of next year. It doesn't have to only be a revenue goal, it could be something like developing an exhaustive list of prospects for a new service, for example.

4. Create 3 reasons why you will keep focus, and 3-5 outcomes if you do reach your goals.

5. Now transfer to a medium you are most comfortable in - PowerPoint, or Keynote, or an oversized rendition on your wall.

6. Look at it every day - yes, EVERY day for the next 60 days.

7. At the beginning of each week, Spend 30 minutes to 1 hour on tasks that you have not made time for in getting toward these goals. Do the same at the end of each week. For most people this could be Sunday evening and then again on Friday afternoon.

Post a comment if you are joining us in this challenge or if you have done something like this in the past. Share what worked for you - it is sure to help others.


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