Is Your Sales Opportunity Qualifed

Sales Strategy Qualify Your Opportunity Is it a sales opportunity or not?

It seems like a real sales opportunity - but is it?

They told you they like you and your company.

They found you online, after lots of research.

They seem to have a lot of other potential business.

There was all sorts of things that they needed from you and your company - proof of concept, white papers, data sheets, demos and more.

It was a flurry of activity, but.....

You never found out what all they were researching.

You didn't uncover the reason why they were suddenly wanting to consider your solution.

You did not know what their org chart looks like or how decisions are made at their company.

You did not get the deal. Oh, and you didn't lose it - you never had it.

Take a long, hard look at your sales opportunity pipeline and see what is a REAL opportunity and what is not.

What is still possible, and what is dead.

Clean it up - it's better to have less that is true and accurate than a whole lot of nothing.

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