Inside Sales Power Tip 145 – Execution

take action to grow salesIt is the one thing that most of us don't do enough of, even though doing more of it will get us more potential new customers and closed deals. We say we need to do it, yet we find 50 reasons why not to. What am I talking about? Actual execution - taking action to get the things done that lead to more revenues.

Execution – noun - the carrying out or putting into effect of a plan, order, or course of action.

Synonyms: implementation, carrying out, accomplishment, bringing about, attainment, realization.

In sales it is all about execution – the art of making things happen.

Instead of rewriting your pitch or re-organizing your list of who to contact, pick up the phone and reach out to have conversations.

You should be talking with potential buyers, people who can help you get to potential buyers, and potential referral partners every day. If your title is sales rep or business development or account executive, you should be talking with these folks more than a dozen times a day. That’s right – I said TALK to – not dial for.

Assuming you know who your buyers are, and have a well-crafted message to engage them to be curious to want to hear more, it all comes down to the act of connecting directly to those people.

If you believe strongly in the products and services you represent, then it is upon you to reach out to potential buyers and engage with them to learn about their challenges and their goals. If your offerings add to what they are working to accomplish, or eliminate something they want to get rid of, you need to find ways to reach them.

Most sellers are not talking enough with probable buyers. Most of us are getting organized, and putting our lists together, and updating our CRM, and talking to those of us around us.

Pick up the phone.

Make 25 dials before coffee.

Work to have 12 actual conversations today. That’s easy for you? Then make it 25.

I promise you that if you have a valuable offering and you ARE out there engaging with probable prospective buyers, you will find interest every day or almost every day.

On the other hand, if you don’t pick up the phone and call administrative assistants, and internal coaches at prospective companies, and c-level contacts, you WON’T.

I know inside sales professionals who go a day or two not connecting to anyone by phone. I knew a rep who never even left voice mail messages. (For tips on voicemail read this post "Eight Best Ideas for Voicemail Messages".) He might as well have signed up to be a non-speaking monk. That’s crazy.

You gotta get out there!

Craft your messaging.

Try it out on colleagues and trusted partners.

Add value – help companies and individuals with great products and services.

Then call them and share the good news.

What can you do TODAY that will get you more conversations with prospective buyers?

Will you make that happen?

Share the good news - drop me a note if this causes you to increase your connections to potential buyers. You could win a coffee card - the BEST story about increasing your dials wins a $25 coffee card. Must post a comment on the blog by 12-23 for a holiday treat on us. Must be in a B2B sales role. Winner announced 12-24.

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