Inside Sales Power Tip 143 – Sales Message Makeover

grow sales with a message makeoverSometimes in sales you just need to start over with your messaging.

You can determine this in a pretty simple manner - are you leaving voice mail messages for the right prospective buyers but getting no replies?

No return calls on voice mail messages?

You need a message makeover.

Do you send out e-mail messages to potential buyers and NEVER get a reply other than, "we're all set?" Do you get a reply once in a blue moon - meaning rarely, if ever?

You need a message makeover.

First you should know that communicating a clear message of value to potential buyers who do not know you (and sometimes even know your company) is a work-in-progress. Even the craftiest sellers must re-word and re-tool their messaging as time goes on.

Stuck in a rut after having some successes but now you don't? Here are some suggestions to help you get your messaging groove back:

Start from scratch. Find out what your team members, colleagues, and peers are saying and writing. If you are in an open environment, jot down (or record with their permission) what the most successful peers you work with say on the phones that opens up dialogue and even creates sales opportunities.

Why? Because success leaves clues. The most successful people in your company and industry are doing and saying things that are creating sales opportunities. Find out what is piquing people's interest and you can use the same strategies.

Work in an office on your own or away from other sales reps?

Start with the "three legged stool" strategy for messaging:

First, begin with something about the potential buyer - like:

Hi Jen, being in the broadcasting business you probably know all too well about the value of speed.

Second, share something about your company- like:

I'm with Clickko and we work with some of your peers in broadcast such as x, y, and z. We're helping them solve customer service issues faster with higher satisfaction rates.

Third, ask for a next action or create a next action - like:

I can quickly show you how we do what we do - my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and I'll call you back on Friday if I don't hear from you first. Thanks.


The purpose of my call is to quickly show you how we make your customers happier, and it will take exactly 7 minutes to do so. Please call me back and let me know what works for you, or I'll call you back on Friday if I don't hear from you first. Thanks.

Your messaging, in order to gain the interest of a busy B2B executive must either pique their interest, or share ideas that can help them do their job better.

Stop trying to leave that long message focused on your products and services and expect potential buyers to perk up and be interested - isn't that the definition of insanity?

How can you pique your potential buyer's interest?

What can you say that educates them and helps them in their position?

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