Inside Sales Power Tip 135 – Fresh Start

grow sales by starting freshYou arrive to your office and your work-space after a great (or not so great) weekend, feeling behind and somewhat overwhelmed about the sales numbers you need to hit to achieve quota or make bonuses.

It hits you.

"It's not going to happen", you say, dejected. You are so far behind that it would take a miracle or two to get you where you need to be.

This feeling is somewhat similar to the feelings that collegiate, professional, and even Olympic athletes have after a bad loss.

Soak it up for a minute - then MOVE FORWARD. Give yourself the opportunity to start fresh this morning - and every morning when you feel overwhelmed and with impossible tasks ahead.

So much of your potential lies between your ears - in your brain.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't - you're right" - Henry Ford

Think of some of the most impossible things that have been achieved when others said it wouldn't happen.

You can fail and then succeed.

You can take longer to get up to speed and be the biggest success in the office. Until then, it can be stressful

At some point you do have to take a few steps back, grab a deep breath, and go back into building your sales pipeline and your business. See Blocking and Tackling for Sales - a post that helps focus on the basics to get you back into an enthusiastic state of mind.

Think of it as a FRESH START. You cannot change what happened last quarter or last month - or even last week. You can learn from it and you can be excited about what is ahead.

The reason you need and must have a fresh start is that your attitude and mindset will determine your future success. Ever closed a deal with a chip on your shoulder? Have you had a powerful, passionate conversation about your industry with a prospective buyer when you were feeling sorry for yourself? It just doesn't happen.

Because you are human and you're selling to other humans. Recognize the emotion inherent in that and embrace it.

Deep breath, and FRESH START.

At 8:01AM at your desk, nothing from the past should be weighing you down. The excitement of what today has to offer, and the amazing connections you'll make plus creativity you can use could be tremendous.

At 5:00PM at your desk, you can wrap things up (unless you work later than that) - and when your day ends, your issues end.

I've used a method of deciding not to decide when I feel overwhelmed - I focus on what opportunities I have and work toward them. When you decide not to decide, a funny thing happens. Often the decision works itself out. Try it sometime.

For now, if you have to forgive yourself for not accomplishing what you planned to do by this time in the year, or this time of the month, or this time in the week - my suggestion is to be less hard on yourself and more focused on the future. What is ahead?

What can be accomplished?

How will you make it happen?

Who can support you to this outcome?

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