Inside Sales Power Tip 129 – Get More Leads

Do you want more and better leads when reaching out to potential buyers? This is definitely one of the top requests I hear when meeting with those prospecting for net-new business. It seems that no matter what data services your company subscribes to, it is still difficult to find those leads you know could become more probable prospective customers.

Last week at Inbound 2013 I had the pleasure to meet up with Kyle Porter, CEO and Founder of SalesLoft. We talked about a number of things which you'll see in future posts - but the idea of better leads is top of mind for Kyle, whose company was created to help sellers gain more and better data.

I'm always looking for that one tip or strategy that can help you right away - now, today. What I love about SalesLoft is that they are solely focused on helping those of us on the front line of sales prospecting. I think you'll like what Kyle says in the video.

One-two Punch - LinkedIn plus SalesLoft = Easy Leads System

Both LinkedIn and SalesLoft have free versions, that's why I am mentioning this strategy. The Email Discovery feature is additional. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have always had an upgraded LinkedIn account - as a seller, it always has made sense to. SalesLoft is also free with an upgrade path. Try these out and see what you think. Feedback on tools (as a comment on the blog) is extremely helpful to others.

Transcript of the Video

As a sales professional, we are huge fans of LinkedIn. I'd go ahead and say LinkedIn is the #1 source of leads and information in the entire world for salespeople. But there are some restrictions on Linkedin. One of the biggest ones is if you're building lists from contacts, if you are going through and making a lot of calls - you have to do a lot of copying and pasting.

We (at SalesLoft) have solved that effort with one of our tools called the Prospecting plug-in - it is a Chrome extension - you can download and get started for free. The point is that it lets you build lists of leads using Linkedin but it gives you a simple way to do it.

Then, on top of that, we have just released our Email Discovery feature. What this does is that it takes any public profiles on LinkedIn and automatically tries to find their email address. it is finding a large percentage of these emails and making it super simple for any sales or prospecting teams in the world to build lists of targeted, segmented people they want to go after - get their contact information, and then launch their campaigns.

There you have it - have you used this combination, and what do you think?

What other ways to you find good leads?

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