Inside Sales Power Tip 128 – Outbound + Inbound

grow outbound sales with inboundSome people are set in their ways and they don't see how sales has been changing over the last handful of years. Sales IS changing, make no mistake.

A lot of the companies that read this blog are big outbound prospectors - they make "warm" - not so cold, anymore, but warm calls to companies that fit as their target buyers.

If you are one of these companies, and have NOT embraced the idea that people are looking for your services on the web before you even know of them, it is time to learn more about what an Inbound Marketing effort could do along with the great Outbound work you are already doing. [I'll be speaking at Inbound 2013 this week - a whole conference about Inbound Marketing put on by HubSpot. Look for additional posts in the weeks to come.]

What if you received a handful of good leads that are above the efforts of what your team is already doing outbound?

Often a company denotes one person on the inside team as the one who gets handed the inbound leads from the marketing team. It is a good place to start, since a buyer already looking has a number of specific questions you'll need to have answers for right away. Typically, as more leads come in, they get distributed around the inside sales team and everyone is trained on responding as quickly and professionally as possible.

Buyers who are looking for you today on the web are more ready to buy than anyone you might call on - that is a double-edged sword. The good news is that someone will happen quickly or not - and the bad news is that they may already have selected someone who has beat you to the punch in answering their needs.

Hubspot did a GREAT compilation of stats and facts around Inbound Marketing - take a look at 86 Revealing Charts from the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report for more background. Then, if you want more specific ideas, set a time and let's talk.

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