Inside Sales Power Tip 123 – Snail Mail

Grow business through hand written lettersIt is always exciting to hear about new sales tools to help shorten the sales cycle, qualify better, grow social connections, and sell more. Sometimes, though, an old school tool can get the job done as a companion strategy to all the cutting edge technology you are employing.

This tool has been around in America (or at least the original colonies) since 1639. You guessed it - I'm talking about mailing a letter through the Postal Service. Snail Mail is slang for mail delivered by the P.O.

It amazes me that so many sellers do not consider regular mailed notes to SOME prospects as one part of a multifaceted strategy to win business.

I have one main reason you should consider writing 3-4 sentence, hand written notes to prospects and clients. Ready? Here's why:

When you call and email there is no visual representation of you unless your emails are all saved by the prospects and unless you left voice mails that were not deleted. Those are still not as visual (sure your name may be on the prospect's phone) - but consider the visual that your business card in a simple, short handwritten note can make. It is truly one of the best visuals there is.

Example: I mailed a note to a client I had not done any work with for a while. A month later I re-designed my logo and stopped by this client to give him and updated business card (my phone number was different too). When I went in to see him - he pulled my business card - from next to the small note card I sent him right off of his desk. He grabbed my new card and put that on his desk. I can't get in front of a prospective customer or current customer any more than that unless I'm there on video or in person.

I'm Too Busy - How Many of These Should I Send?

Start with one a day, or even just 3 per week. If you did only that, you'd have over 150 notes in the hands of prospects and clients. Do you think that this personal touch might impact any one of 150+ prospects? Think about if just 10% were either impressed enough or you became memorable enough for them to reach out to you when they are ready to buy - you'd grow business.

You can hire an admin or use Fiverr or find some other way to inexpensively send meaningful, low-cost cards. I go to Target and get 8 or 10 cards in a pack for less than $5. Add postage, and for less than $.75 a person you can do what most sellers won't do - take time to send a personal note.

Differentiate Yourself in This Way

Have a good conversation with a potential buyer. Instead of the same old email follow-up, choose more probable prospective customers during the course of your week and send a quick note, thanking them for a good conversation. Add value by mentioning something you heard or read about their role, about them, or about their company.

It doesn't have to be fancy, but it does need to be methodical and in a system you develop. Once you identify who you are sending to, make a note in your CRM system that the note was mailed and set a next action to follow-up.

By adding this one habit to your sales repertoire, you will grow visibility, trust, and ultimately, new business.

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