Inside Sales Power Tip 107 – Humor

Humor can grow inside sales revenuesWhen you have a true inside sales job you are either working with a quota to get a certain number of quality tasks accomplished each day

  • number of meetings or demos set up with qualified buyers
  • number of appointments set for an outside rep to call on - with qualified buyer
  • number of dials or good "talk-to" conversations

OR , you have dollar quotas to hit

  • new business over a certain dollar amount
  • upsell business with existing customers
  • split revenues with another rep

No matter how you look at it, this position is not for everybody. If it was, anyone would be doing it, and they are not. You need to have a lot of understanding of communication, of how people work (psychology), how business works, and skills to prospect and drive more business for your company.

You Are Like a Professional Hockey Player

Yes, I paint this picture for you because these guys skate a really long way on skinny metal blades on ice, at high speeds, while dodging others coming near and toward them to put a tiny rubber hockey puck in a net guarded by a big guy with pads. They get hit, fall down, and get back up. They work to win more than they lose. Every game is a new opportunity to win. Isn't that like your sales job?

You are making calls at a rapid pace, dodging those who won't answer, or hang up. Many never return your call - and so you weave closer to them through social connections, InMail invites, dodging those who can shut you down - people who can say no, but they cannot say yes to you.

A sense of lightness and humor are what you need to do your job well. When I look back and think of some of the terrible things I've gone through in my selling career - snippy administrative assistants, tough sales managers, crazy CEOs, and the pressure to have a good quantity of quality conversations with potential buyers - I HAD to have some humor in my day or at least in my week.

Ways You Can Infuse Humor in Your Day

Smile - that is the first thing you must do with every person you call. They can hear it in your voice, and time will pass quicker this way.

Work Hard, then Break - you need to work in solid chunks of time, and then do something lighter to take your mind off of calls and contacts.

Hang Out with the Fun(ny) Successful People - every company has them. Stay away from Debbie Downer and Paul the Pain - your job is tough enough - choose to listen to and talk to upbeat people.

Take a Fun Break - make a coffee run, or find a good Kindle book to read on your break that takes you away - even makes you laugh.

Don't Always be Hard on Yourself - have good goals but don't beat yourself up - there are others who will do that for you! Seriously, start fresh today and every day. Move forward, and win more than you lose. If you do that, you're a winner.


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