Help Buyers by Getting a Few Steps Ahead

Learn what buyers are thinkingWhile listening to a presentation at a conference recently, the presenter got me thinking differently. When someone can do that, you know you are in the right room.

The presenter was Sean Burke and his talk was called, The World's Youngest Billionaires Guide to Social Selling. The title caught my attention and since I had recently met him through his company's list of 100 Social Sales Influencers it seemed like a good idea to sit in on this one.

What totally HIT me during the presentation was when Sean talked about how WE as sellers have helped create all the tools on the web that now help our BUYERS without us - that isn't new. What IS new is the idea that WE as sellers can do a number of things to anticipate what our buyers want and need. We can respond with the same tools to be better, more responsive sellers and ultimately have more opportunity to gain their awareness and potentially their business.

I enjoyed the presentation SO much and it gave me SO many questions that I asked Sean if he'd let me ask him those questions about getting ahead of the buyer - so we are going live tomorrow with a Google Hangout. I hope you will consider joining us - all the information to sign up is here, and if you do sign up - you'll get a free copy of KiteDesk's ebook, "15 Social Sales Trends from 15 Social Sales Influencers".

We'll talk about how to:

  • Anticipate your potential buyer’s next move
  • Develop ‘teaser’ content that is relevant and so compelling that buyers will want to replicate their outcomes
  • Figure out who your potential buyer learns from and invest in those relationships
  • Find the critical interest point that helps open the flood gates
  • Learn more about your potential buyer’s world

Hope to see you there! If nothing else, register and get the free ebook, Post the questions YOU have as a seller on how you can anticipate your buyer's next moves - do you do this already? If so, HOW?

Sign up here for the Google Hangout and complimentary e-book. Then share your thoughts.

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