Favorite Recent Top Midmarket Sales Blog Posts

Like ButtonNeed some sales inspiration? Got a big quota to hit? A new sales territory? Are you stuck in a sales rut? Are you new to professional, B2B sales?

We are launching a new monthly feature for sales professionals and sales leaders – we read dozens of articles and blogs in the sales, marketing, PR, communication, and personal development fields.  Let us first say that there are many great posts and articles out there - and over the months we'll mention many we could not get to today - keeping it a short and sweet list for readers. We hope we can make it easier for you to see some great ideas from around the web, and be a conduit for you – from June 2012.


First, a fun Idea: We love this post from Lifehacker on a different way to carry cash

Now to some serious (and enjoyable) posts about growing revenues: 

Dave Stein talks about reasons why some sales training doesn’t work

Marketer Brian Carroll's Lead Generation: How 64% of Marketers Starve Sales of Opportunity

Our Q2 Is Over – How’s Your Pipeline, Sales Leader post generated lots of discussion.

Jill Konrath [VIDEO]  asks about how you SOUND when you leave a voice mail message (priceless advice!)

Colleen Francis has a great podcast on getting referrals (no sign up required)

Dan Waldschmidt talks about what it really costs to be successful

Jonathan Farrington writes about having a better Q3 than your Q2 – including discussion about holding mid-year account reviews with existing clients.

Josiane Feignon talks about how the old simple sales call is totally different now. Nice infographic on going paperless included

Matt Heinz talks about creating a strategy for successful sales events

Alltop’s page to find how to “Get Things Done” and productivity improvements

Presentation Zen shares Persuasion Through Storytelling Trumps Data Dumps Every Time.

What did YOU read that moved you and helped you sell more, sell better, or that helped you be more efficient and effective? Share as a comment – we are always looking for what resonates for you.

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