Use Energy and Enthusiasm to Set Appointments

close sales with enthusiasmPeople can feel your energy and enthusiasm through the phone and through your email messages. If you are in sales, you need to become a student of communication and learn how to master sharing electrifying passion for your products and services. Was that a gasp I heard?

Yes, electrifying enthusiasm, interest in your buyer, and in the services and value you offer them.

There is a big problem today with sellers who are calling and leaving bland, boring, blah voice mail messages. They may be brief, but they make the potential buyer feel like they are "call number 42 of the day."

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be a number. I want to connect with people whose voice mail messages are:

- interesting

- relevant

- energetic

- enthusiastic

- valuable to me and my business (not you and YOUR business)

Three ways to do it:

1) Look on the bright side - what are things that went well today or this week? Focus on those, and it will make you lighter instead of being weighed down with what you have not accomplished. Don't beat yourself up.

2) Practice on your own - record your voice with your smartphone or by leaving yourself a voice message. Better yet, find a trusted friend or business peer - could be in a different company - to listen to your voice and give you feedback on your energy level. Long pauses, confusing messaging, and talking too fast each keep you from sounding strong and credible.

3) Sell products and services that you know help your buyers. If you don't believe in them and your company, you should find something else - or somewhere else that you DO believe in. You are not doing anyone any favors by working somewhere you are not proud of - it shows to your buyers, and it certainly shows with your co-workers and colleagues. Everyone has a bad day or two. If you have more than one bad week - time to think about whether you're in a good fit situation.

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