CRM Experts Talk SugarCon13 and More


What is new in CRM in 2013? What has not changed much?

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a panel where we discussed some of these things. Moderator and CRM / Social Industry leader Paul Gillin asked fantastic questions including:

What are best practices for broader adoption of CRM?

What are some pitfalls when deploying CRM?

Give your opinion about integrating marketing automation into CRM?

Now add in social tools – does it all work together?

Did you attend SugarCon13 – the largest SugarCRM gathering to date?

I enjoyed participating in the quick fire roundtable, which was hosted on a Google+ Hangout by IBM. It was good to see all of the participants interacting and truly a smart way to see and hear a group of people discussing a subject. Kudos to IBM for that.

I encourage you to watch the recording and follow-up with some of our blogs for more CRM discussion.

My Rountable Colleagues:

  • Keith Brooks of Voicerite
  • Paul Foucher of SugarCRM
  • Steve Lokam of OpenLogix

Some takeaways I thought were interesting:

What 3 Common Mistakes Do We Still See in Deploying CRM?

  1. Not enough employees with CRM seats – companies will selectively give certain individuals seats, such as all sales but no marketing, or inside sales but not outside sales (or vice versa). In an effort to save some monthly recurring costs for seats, you end up missing out on the great opportunity for more customer awareness internally, and collaboration on things such as creating RFPs.
  2. Different versions of CRM are out there – causing support issues. You need to make sure you are using the right package and version to minimize problems.
  3. Lack of leadership support for adoption – success of CRM must tie in with sales methodology and process. This comes from the top, as do any guidelines about how to use and what is required of sellers to complete. Big opportunity for improvement here, everyone agrees. I content that it is a time issue for sales reps – they need to focus on what is most important and get as much face time with buyers as possible.

This leads into another topic – is CRM any easier to use in 2013? I’ll have a post next week on this, but for now we discussed some features that SugarCRM has announced in their Sugar7 product which will offer better mobile use. This really helps sales reps. Additionally a smoother, faster interface where no matter what device you use – mobile, tablet, or laptop offers the same user experience is becoming more standard.

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