B2B Sales Podcast with Michael Boylan on Prospecting and The Power to Get In

Michael Boylan There's no doubt in B2B selling that getting the top of your funnel (or front end of your sales pipeline) is incredibly important and in a tough economy, can be difficult on a consistent basis. Reaching decision makers is always the goal.

Recently I heard more than one speaker at a conference talking about using internal leverage to gain access to decision makers. In the back of my mind, I said, "Michael Boylan".

Michael talked years ago about a no-fail, sure-fire strategy for B2B sellers to prospect smarter, with a shorter timeframe, and with greater results using his trademarked approach called the Circle of Leverage®. It has been widely implemented around the world. Listen to our interview and the next time you hear a speaker or trainer talking about this approach, you'll know where it came from. Beyond gaining access, Michael speaks, trains, and consults Fortune 500 organizations (as well as smaller companies) on what to say once you gain that executive access - and a great sales process to bring the opportunity all the way through to closure.[audio http://scoremoresales.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/MichaelBoylan0103-2012-part1.mp3|titles=Sales Stars Interview with Michael Boylan]

I have successfuly used the Circle of Leverage® time and time again by following the steps he outlines in the first of his three books, The Power to Get In. I gain executive level access regularly, as do all of the clients I refer toward his materials. If you are a professional seller, and have not done it yet, listen to the podcast, and get the book. Give this clearly outlined approach a try, then let us know how it goes.

Reach Michael Boylan at Accelerant International.

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