5 Lessons I Learned from Zig Ziglar

5 Lessons from Zig Ziglar - Sales StrategyYou don't meet too many people who make an impact on your career and your life. It was sad to hear that sales legend and motivator to millions, Zig Ziglar, has passed on. At the same time, thinking of Mr. Ziglar evokes all sorts of memories and lessons early in my sales career.

When I started out as a technology sales professional, I had little idea what I was doing - just the words of my grandmother, who was my mentor in business. She ran women's apparel stores and I was her namesake. I learned so much from her, but it was all business-to-consumer, not B2B. It was the next group of influencers, the Zig Ziglars of the world who initially helped me build confidence as a professional.

I heard Zig Ziglar live at least 2 times, and met him ever so briefly once. I always felt like I related more to his struggles than his life - he was a very religious man, long time married, from Texas so he had that lovely twang in his voice. I was a struggling young single mom working in a male-dominated industry -- yet Zig's words rang true even for me. I'm sure that's why so many loved and respected his speaking and the fantastic stories he told.

I had the pleasure to interview his son, Tom Ziglar, who has run the Ziglar business for some time now - we had a fun conversation at the beginning of the year. You can listen to it here, and what I learned from Zig Ziglar follows:

1. NEVER CONFUSE ACTIVITY WITH ACCOMPLISHMENT - I did not even know this was a "Zigism" until I saw the great little video Tom created about Zig Ziglar's words applied to using Twitter (take a look, it is great, and so true). I googled my name and that expression and found that I've said it many times in blog posts - never knowing who to credit that to. NOW I do. Thanks, Zig, for this main driving force phrase in my life. This has helped me weigh decisions and take real action.

2. Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis. Zig often said this and I really believe I gleaned from him the need for offering (and receiving) ongoing reinforcement and repetition of positive and inspirational ideas. You don't just "get motivated" and build your sales career - instead you get reminded of inspiration and motivation every day - otherwise you won't make it.

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3. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great - A famous quote of Zig's - it really drives home the idea that we teach sales people - work on making a 1% improvement every day. Compounded, that is a big, big shift. If you have an insurmountable project, what steps can you take today toward the finish line?


4. Zig traveled to audiences far and wide for years - he never lost his enthusiasm, drive, and passion. That is a lesson for all of us. If you are not inspired and jazzed about what you are working on, why do it? Thanks, Zig, for that most important lesson that shaped my life.

5. Things change but they stay the same. The ideas Zig talks about work on Twitter, in social media, and with all generations. The foundation is tried and true. While Zig's lifestyle and quips may not resonate for everyone, his belief in himself, his attitude, and his mission to help others gain the same building blocks for life and business have broad appeal.

We wish Zig's family all the best at this difficult time - having dealt with my dad's passing just a year ago, I understand what they are dealing with now. As Zig would say to the rest of us, "See you at the top!".

You can follow Tom Ziglar on Twitter. I understand Zig Ziglar was trending yesterday on Twitter - I think Zig would have loved that.


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