3 Tips to Keep Your Sales Focus

keep focus and grow salesWorking hard in sales but not accomplishing enough? Last week I was interviewed on the OpenView Lab blog about ways to keep focus through the end of the year. If you're bogged down by lack of closed business, upcoming holidays, relatives, and distractions like Cyber Monday, you might want to listen to the interview since it is audio and easy to listen to. Some of you say you aren't, but just look at your productive hours in the office and decide for yourself.

Last month I wrote about creating a 60 Day Plan - you can still do that, and I recommend it. Actually plan out your work hours for the month of December - because you may see how much less time you actually have to sell. Then create a plan for your big January "kick off" month. Use this week to get focused and prioritize who you need to call and how you'll get everything done.

Here are 3 additional tips for you to build on or even salvage your year by working a plan every day.

Work to get some meetings / appointments set for after the holidays. I know you want to talk with people sooner than later, so go for all of those appointments that you can - and set meetings for that first or second week in January. Why? You'll end the year knowing you have conversations starting up after the holidays are over. If you don't sent those in advance, it will be harder to talk to people in January (because they've set other meetings with other sellers too). Set a number for appointments / webinars / meetings that you'd feel good about if you got and work toward that number.

Make an accountability deal with someone inside or outside of your company - it needs to be someone you trust, and someone who could also benefit from some accountability to accomplish something. This often works best with someone outside of your team or company for a number of reasons. Declare a sales goal you want to accomplish and give some detail - it needs to be specific and time bound. Example: "I will set up 10 webinar demo/appointments for the first 2 weeks of January by December 19th" By being specific, you are clearer on what it is that you need to do. Share that goal with your accountability partner.

Stay organized, or GET organized - more on that to come, but for now just know that you can make it easier on yourself by having systems and process in place to grow sales. If you don't have a killer CRM system to track leads, prospects, and clients - then be able to sort and create reports on any metric - you need to get that solved for 2013. The "science" aspect of selling will help you grow sales by 10-30% or more.

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