Be Compelling in 30 Seconds

Why would you want to be compelling, and how do you go about it? First things first - with information bombarding us all the time, we have a brief opportunity to stand out or make an impression. If a favorable impression is not made, chances are our message will be lost with all of the other noise in the world. Wanting to do it is one thing - execution is another. There are a number of ways - most of which would include some enthusiasm, inspiration, and clear communication. Just think of the definition of compelling - to exert a strong, irresistible force on -

Think of how your message, or what you offer others about what you do, is conveyed. Is it clear, concise, and interesting? Do people hear about it and say, "How do you do that?" or do you just get a polite nod, then later a turn down to talk further? Take time to analyze what you are saying, and how you are saying it, because it is the first step toward creating a potential new selling opportunity.

Topics: B2B

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