5 Strategies to End the Year Strong

5-strategies-end-year-strongYesterday I presented some tips on ways to end the sales year strong in a webinar and want to share those 5 points here. Once the webinar is re-recorded (there were technical difficulties) I’ll post the link and add more about the rest of the event. For now, MY take on what you need to do to work to hit your sales number by the end of the year.

At mid-year, if you are behind – know where you stand, BUT work to start with a fresh slate. Heading into August – you can do the same thing. I always looked at it this way – August through December gives me 5 months to redeem myself OR pile up some great deals and close those sales opportunities.

If you have a good product, or service to sell, and you truly understand who your target market is, it boils down to great systems and an unstoppable mindset to end strong in 2015.


Have systems in place so that your work life is streamlined. This includes a strong CRM system, a system for how an identified sales opportunity is managed, a system for prospecting (hopefully a multifaceted one like we recommend), lead nurturing plan, and plan for great customer service and support. Good people with great systems beat out great people with good systems every time. How are your systems?


Your messaging and communication with buyers must be focused around ways you add value for them – not just spewing about your stuff. What does it do for your customers like them? Why should they stop and make time to better understand your value?


Of anything you can do to really jumpstart business, mindset is right there at the top of the list. When you accept complacency and mediocrity it starts to feel like your new normal. Remember you were hired to grow revenues, and if you’re not working on that every hour of every day while you’re in the office, you are not doing your job. Worse yet, you are not helping yourself or your company. If you feel unmotivated, find a way to GET motivated – for yourself, or for your family – or for that goal of buying your first home. Do it for that retirement life you have talked about. As Nike says, “Just do it.”


Sellers talk all the time about their referral network. Rather than talking about your referrers, when was the last time you make the rounds to contact each one of them? A great opening line is, “What are YOU working on, and how can I be helpful?” Then you can remind them about what you are working on. If this doesn’t happen at least quarterly, you won’t stay present on their mind. Stay present – that’s how you get thought of when someone refers someone else. Put systems around how you do this.


It takes work to be mediocre. As you are working, look around and see what you can improve to be more streamlined and quicker to respond. Are incoming leads getting attention immediately? Are you able to send quotes in a timely way, and can you quickly sit down at your desk and know what to do next that will contribute to revenues?

This is where some self-awareness comes in. If you are not good at assessing your actions, ask those close to you – someone you respect in the office who sees you work and your habits, as well as a couple of people you respect outside of work.

These are basic principles for success that YOU can adjust and improve. Before you complain to management about why a service can’t be sold or how something doesn’t work, make SURE you have checked off these five things first.

Did we miss anything?

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