3 Things Happy SDR Reps Want

happy-sdrIn talking with reps on the front line who make first contact with prospective buyers and do research on new companies to call, I often hear some of the same things from them.

These reps are SDRs, BDRs, ADRs, and a few other assorted acronyms – all who often make initial contact with those on their list to call.

In this role there is a good amount of turnover because it is a job where you must deal with rejection and make dials or other outreach (emails, social connections) where the person you are reaching often has little or nothing to say back.

Most of the reps I talk with are SDRs and half of the ones I’m around are fresh out of college. The other half have some to “more” sales experience.

Here are the top 3 things they want:

1) Road Map

A guide of sorts – like a sales playbook – to help them understand what exactly they are to do. One SDR told me last week that she was told something different each of 3 days in a row during her second week of her new position. Leaders need to have a plan in place and confidently go over it more than once with their new reps.

2) Quick Win

There is nothing better than getting a win under your belt to help with confidence and a better understanding of the process of how sales work at your company. Split a deal, share a deal, offer some low-hanging fruit – but just help your new reps close some business quicker than normal. I know an SDR who has been with his company four long months with a short-sales cycle product and needs a win or else he and the company will lose.

3) Servant Leadership

Most people – SDRs, BDRs, and ADRs included, leave a job primarily because of their immediate supervisor. Sales managers need to facilitate learning and successes. What is good for the rep is good for the leader. I’ve seen more than my fair share of sales managers too busy to help their reps succeed. Just last week, a rep called me to tell me he was lobbying to get a different manager because he didn’t think his has his best interest in mind.

Front line sales is a tough position and it is not for everyone. Once you have a good rep in place, help them to win – it will be a win for all.

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