3 Things Companies Need to Know About Mobile Apps

need to know about mobile apps

Last October, IBM commissioned a study to learn more about the impact that seemingly “good” or “bad” mobile apps had on a company’s brand. In other words, when a consumer uses their favorite company’s mobile app, did they have a good experience, and if so, what implications does that have?

Costs and Success Vary

We’ve all used an app that seemed useless and a waste of time at one point or another. The “Good App/Bad App” study showed that using Forrester Consulting’s cost model, companies can save 10% on building apps and 20% on running them. In addition, by not following best practices, a company could pay 50% more to run their mobile apps.  Clearly, who you partner with – in house or outside of your company is a critical element for success.

 Employee Productivity Increases

The study showed that well-designed enterprise apps can increase employee productivity 42% and partner productivity 40%, while driving costs down.

Portland, OR based Yesmail Interactive is a case in point. They implemented mobile job aids to increase knowledge retention among their sales team – account managers and other support staff delivered through various mobile devices. This immediately resulted in a 15% increase in renewals and upsells of their services.  Theirs is a conservative result – many companies are seeing bigger gains with larger teams and a more intimate customer experience rolled out.

Cost Drivers of Mobile Apps

The research uncovered ten key cost drivers in the creation of mobile apps. They are:

  1. Development Resources
  2. Delivery Timeframe
  3. App Complexity
  4. Cross-Platform Capability
  5. Frequency of App Updates
  6. App Testing
  7. Data Integration
  8. Platform Analytics
  9. Mobile App Security
  10. Process Change Management

 So What Makes a Good Mobile App?

Business users in the study rated these areas as most important, in this order:

  • The right goal for the app – what is it that you need it to do?
  • The security /compliance measures of the app
  • The right look and feel

 Like the Wild West

Mobile app development is still a new area. In the training world, we talk about how customers demand development well done, done quickly, and for a low cost. Our answer, when someone asks for all three is to “choose 2.” It is no different in the development of apps – companies struggle with whether to roll a new app out quicker with less R&D or slow down and perfect. This is an emerging field and in the end, the user is the one to give an app a couple of tries then move on to something that will work better, making the user queen or king.

The Future is Rich

As companies and their partners create more apps that make the customer experience better, deeper, and richer, we will start to see more personalized buying experiences, involving proximity-aware apps bringing the digital experience and the physical location together. The possibilities to help your buyer interact in a positive manner and leave that experience as an advocate are exciting.

For more on this, take a look at the press release from IBM’s InterConnect 2015 show this past week and the new IBM Mobile FirstPlatform

How is your company looking at mobile apps? What can be created to help your partners and customers make business growth happen?

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