2019 Workforce Disruption Prediction - Hiring Non-tech Roles in Tech

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A couple weeks ago, Glassdoor published their 5 Workforce Disruptions to Watch for in 2019 and Beyond. One of those points – “The New Era of Tech Hiring Will Be For Non-Tech Jobs” (which includes SALES) supports our point of view about NOW being the time for more women and people of color to consider a career in B2B sales.

It also reminds us to remind company and executive leaders that hiring for sales roles and sales leadership roles is tricky.

With all of the technology, teams need to be built out to turn products and services into dollars.

Glassdoor wrote:

“Research from Glassdoor shows this trend is well underway. In 2018, nearly half (43 percent) of all open jobs at tech employers on Glassdoor were for non-technical roles. These include sales account executives, project managers, operations managers, financial analysts, marketing managers and more”

There has NEVER been a better time to consider a career in sales, or to cement your “trying sales out” into a career. Sales is an admirable profession and without sales, there is no B2B company.

If you are a woman looking into sales, please checkout Women Sales Pros for ideas and job postings.

If you are a company looking to hire top sales talent, talk to us. We are not recruiters – but we have a process to help you find sales reps who both can and will sell.

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2019 holds lots of promise for great new sales positions – now is a fantastic time to pursue opportunities.

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