Participate in the 2015 Sales Prospecting Preference Poll

Prospecting Preference PollIf you are in sales or a business development (or SDR, MDR, or other sales role) you need to participate in the 2015 Sales Prospecting Preference Poll - this is an easy thing to do and the results will be shared in this blog and elsewhere.

Simply go to our survey here to answer 4 quick questions. It should take you less than 2 minutes. The reason it is important is because it reflects what you and your peers are actually doing.

1) If you had to choose a phone call or an e-mail as a better way to actually reach a buyer, which would it be?

2) Which of these strategies is most effective for you to actually reach your buyer?

3) If someone wants to reach you, what is the best way?

4) How old are you?

Thank you for your time to do this. We appreciate you sharing it and have a couple of tweets below if you care to do so –


In sales? Answer 4 prospecting questions about reaching buyers to help the profession.

For sellers, four questions help understand how you reach buyers

For LinkedIn:

If you are in sales, please take this 2 minute survey on how you reach buyers so we can share the results. Follow @scoremoresales for the results in May.

This is an important series of questions because everyone thinks they have the best strategies for reaching those valuable buyers of yours, yet few actually research those doing the work. I just spent several days with reps last week and I know how hard it can be to reach buyers to speak directly with. So it is your opportunity to help bring real results to the masses by participating and sharing.

We will post results in May and then again after the summer. Check back here, and thanks for sharing if you choose to do so.

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