18 Ways to Improve Sales Productivity

Velocify_18hacks_webinar-EmailImproving efficiencies and productivity is an ongoing theme for most sales teams. Now is a great time to find one or two ways to improve.

Join us for a virtual call next week about thie interesting and valuable topic.

18 Time Hacks to Close More Deals

I’ve been working to learn more about productivity over the years – master it when possible -  and it seems like everyone has their own opinions about how to do it.

“Don’t make lists to check things off - that doesn’t work”

“Don’t just go around saying you are busy and being busy. Being busy itself won’t help you.

“Use a timer to break down work into shorter intervals with breaks in-between.”

In the profession of sales, it’s not about getting things done – it is about reaching revenue results, filling the pipeline with opportunities and working to increase sales velocity.

The idea is to make results happen. That is what sales productivity is all about.

That’s why I’m excited next week to be covering 18 different ways to improve sales productivity with my friend Josh Evans, Sr. VP Sales at Velocify. We’ll have a conversation that gets recorded so if you can’t attend live you’ll be able to hear it after the fact.

What I like about working with Josh is that he has all sorts of validated data since Velocify has been studying productivity and sales habits for some time.

We will also discuss the value of a sales reps’ time – if you are a sales leader, do you know how much each minute is worth of each person on your team’s time?

If you are an individual contributor, do you know you can add an hour or two to your week fairly easily? It’s true.

Join us on August 11th and be ready to make notes. Share your top tips on Twitter using our hashtag #SalesHacks


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