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The Importance of Focus in Selling

by Lori Richardson on November 17, 2004

Having self awareness in selling is critical to success. One of my big challenges has always been focus and concentration - because I am easily distracted with new ideas, people, and projects. I'm a self-described Otter - loses focus, doesn't always finish what we start - very social - and also creative and sometimes even inspiring.

I enjoyed reading what Gerhard Gschwandtner, publisher of Selling Power had to say about concentration:

The success-oriented mind is like a magnifying glass that focuses the rays of the sun in one concentrated spot. The magnified intensity of the rays dissipates the moment the glass is out of focus. When our minds wander from subject to subject, our productivity drops, our energies get sapped and our motivation dissipates.

Read the rest here.

I continue to track my projects, and always look for ways to accomplish rather than just be busy. Please post your thoughts on focus in the comments section.

Lori Richardson

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