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Welcome - You are Looking for Simple Ideas to Grow Sales, Right?

by Lori Richardson on October 10, 2012

grow salesAre you looking for revenue producing ideas - and perhaps a new and improved sales strategy for growing or speeding up sales? We are a nimble firm that is focused on sales enablement for mid-market technology and distribution companies. We are quick, enthusiastic, connected, and responsive. We listen and ask lots of questions - then put a program in place to train your sales reps. We do on-boarding for new sellers, and we love infusing an existing team with sales ideas they have not thought of before. Clients like our no-nonsense approach that mixes inbound with outbound sales efforts. We serve as a sales leader's "secret weapon" for success. Connect with us and let's discuss the possibilities.

Lori Richardson

Score More Sales increases your sales team's enthusiasm, activity, and revenues through a custom blend of strategic consulting, focused training, and interactive coaching.

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