Corporate Training 

Score More Sales trainers have trained and coached reps at hundreds of regional companies and Fortune 500 organizations since 2000. Your training team is determined by a number of factors. We will recommend other strategic partners in areas we don’t focus on. Score More Sales travels to you anywhere in North America (travel fees may apply).  

We work with sales teams in:

  • Technology Services
  • Distribution
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom

We train on:

  • Prospecting Skills - Turning cold calling into warm calling + social media including LinkedIn strategies for a blended prospecting approach (Sales GEMS Program) 
  • Telephone & Communication Skills
  • Become a Consultative Seller - Focus on Buyer Insight
  • Understanding How Your Customer’s Buying Cycle Works
  • Pipeline Forecasting & Ways to Grow Revenues
  • Growing Existing B2B Account Revenues through Account Based Selling
  • Gaining Revenues with Innovation and Collaboration
  • Understanding Internal Politics and Hierarchies
  • Sales Presentation Skills – “The Fundamentals” – Inside Sales 
  • How Strategic Partners Can Triple Your Referral Business
  • SalesTeamShift Program - complete update to your sales effectiveness team wide
  • Selling in Threes © – complete sales program

Score More Sales is based in Portsmouth, NH.

Coaching - We teach leaders how to coach their reps

 Through in-person, phone, SKYPE, and our virtual training program we can work with motivated company leaders anywhere. Contact us with your information and your request – we’ll reply. In the meantime sign up for our award-winning blog. Our strengths in sales coaching are around:

  • Inspiring your sales reps (Coach the Coach program) 
  • Self and time management
  • Developing your Sales DNA and turning weaknesses into strengths
  • Process and methodology in daily practice
  • Communication skills
  • Asset-Based Thinking (attitude)
  • Score More Sales Goal Setting Program
  • Present Like a Pro - certification program for sales reps
  • Hiring STAR sales team members

Sales for Startup Companies

 We mainly work with mid-market companies but in certain situations work with VCs and venture or angel funded startups to create the sales team. Contact us for more information.


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