How do we help companies like yours?

If you are a growing (or rapidly growing) company you have sales coming in, but chances are there is no plan, or there is a plan but no main sales process and methodology in place. It could be that you have a CRM system, like Salesforce or one of the many others, but no consistent workflow for reps and marketers.  Workflow is sales process, and methodology is a specific set of rules, or a framework to make it all happen. Companies get very confused about this, and often license a certain methodology from a training company but have no processes in place.  Results are unpredictable.

Perhaps you have yet to hire a sales leader, and several or more reps are reporting to an overly busy, C-level team member. Or, you are a smaller team in a big company – we have coached reps at companies like EMC, IBM, Microsoft and Thomson Reuters.  We work with smart sales leaders as their “secret weapon”- reinforcing what they are doing that works, and carefully coaching WITH them on what could improve results.

Failure in the sales training business is VERY HIGH because of canned solutions, training delivery people who have not worked in the trenches, and a heavy disregard for the fact that training without consistent, follow-up coaching and mentoring is pretty much worthless.

We help technology, distribution, and services companies grow revenues through our focus on the BASICS, but in a way that is CUSTOM to YOUR business:

  • Frontline Sales Skills
  • Sales Tools
  • Storytelling & Messaging

We come to you, or meet you virtually through an interactive platform.

Typically an engagement will look like this (understanding it is customized based on needs)

Discussion(s) with you (company leader) by phone / Skype to learn your goals, vision, and timeline.

We move forward if we know we can help.  You receive a full proposal with timeline, deliverables, and guaranteed results.

You help us get the right people involved and we learn from you - then make recommendations based on what we learn.

You receive a full Written Plan which will may include sales training, or sales coaching, or both or neither. We're customized for what you need - instead of a cookie-cutter approach which doesn't work. 

We guarantee your satisfaction 100%

Unlike many other firms, we will stand behind our work, and we work with you until you are satisfied.


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