Keynote Talks

For B2B Sales Leaders:

10 Best Practices for Inside Sales On-boarding

5 Ways for Sales Teams to Be More Productive and Happy

9-1/2 Tips to Grow B2B Revenues & Profits

CRM Is Not Contacts – It’s People (How to Get More Out of Your CRM System)

Why You Hire for Attitude and Train for Skill


Keynote Talks

For B2B Sales Teams:

3 Ways to Really Work SMARTER in Sales (and Exceed Your Goal)

10 Ways to Be More Effective with CRM

Social Selling – Are you Using the 3 Online Giants for Prospecting and Sales Growth?

Why Inside Sales is THE Place to Be in 2013

3 Ways to Move Stalled Sales Opportunities

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If you want to keep the status quo, don’t consider Lori – she is for companies with big picture leaders who see limitless possibilities  – and can help you create the roadmap to get your sales team there.


time/self management

the “attitude” of selling

top communications skills of the 3% of highest sales achievers

integrating social into sales efforts

putting a sales process in place to measure results

Prospecting 101, 201, and 301

Inside Sales On-boarding

Telephone Skills II

Multi-facted Prospecting

Strategic Partnership Relationships to Grow Revenues

Beginning Qualifying Skills and Advanced Qualifying Skills

Level 1: Bringing Sales Opportunities to Closure

Level 2: Bringing Sales Opportunities to Closure


Lori has participated in and/or led hundreds of offsites for companies and business organizations. She can train and inspire with great outcomes – she also works as an emcee or facilitator.

Our innovative “Selling in Threes” program covers the fundamentals of selling and is our most popular speaking platorm and training program. Contact us with your needs.

Team Meetings

With backgrounds in B2B selling, technology sales, retail, and distribution, company principals Lori Richardson and Peter Notschke can speak to most any audience looking to grow business. Through a custom approach, we can match up a talk that is interactive, interesting, and energetic. It will boost the team – especially with our signature “pre-work” and “post-follow-up” materials to ensure that topics were heard and absorbed. Adults learn through repetition and reinforcement – contact us and we’ll tell you more about how to make significant impact that will change your business.