All great athletes at the collegiate, professional, and Olympic levels  have performance coaches and so do great sales teams.

 Why hire a sales coach?   Contact us now, and we’ll give you 10 reasons, all tied to increased revenues, tenure, better team dynamics, and for measuring ROI.

coachingA sales coach can reinforce the sales leaders strategy, while giving time (that most sales leaders don’t have) to discuss individual goals. At Score More Sales we do pipeline and deal coaching, and we infuse sales tips that alter how a seller communicates so they win more business.

In the case where there is not strategy in place, we consult, train, and coach – working with the front-line reps so that they are more productive, more enthusiastic, more accountable, and more focused on their strengths.

“The real payoff from good coaching lies among the middle 60% — your core performers. For this group, the best-quality coaching can improve performance up to 19%.* In fact, even moderate improvement in coaching quality — simply from below to above average — can mean a six to eight percent increase in performance across 50% of your sales force. Often as not, that makes the difference between hitting or missing goals. – 

no other productivity investment comes close to coaching in improving reps’ performance.”

- HBR Blog Network The Dirty Secret of Effective Sales Coaching, by Dixon and Adamson
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