Inside Sales Power Tip 131 – Homeostasis

grow sales by knocking buyers off their homeostastisThe full title for this post should be, "You Gotta Knock them Off Their Homeostasis" but was a bit too long as a title.

This was a tip I learned from one of the most favorite of my 21 sales managers over my selling career - a former IBM top sales rep and leader who would say this so regularly that it was ingrained in my 20-something brain and has been there ever since.

Homeo derives from the Greek and means "constant" and stasis means remaining stable or remaining the same.

The idea that we need to knock people off of their stable, constant place has never been more true in selling.


Prospects and buyers are so busy. They are doing multiple jobs, reading their email while "attending" meetings, and they multi-task all day long.

Prospects and buyers hear and read so many things throughout the course of their week that it really takes something special to jar them.

To jar means to be out of harmony - to stand out above the noise (in a good way).

You need to jar your buyers into attention by crafting well-written messages that stand out.

You gain attention by sharing the overwhelming value of your offer for them - not for others, but them.

You share overwhelming value for them by knowing them - what they need and how their business or industry works.

That means that old-fashioned cold calling is not effective. What IS effective is when you know something about me - my industry, or my company, or my role in the company, and you craft a message around that.

Don't get me wrong, though - CALLING does work. Calling is more effective than many other forms of prospecting still. The rub is that most people don't know how to do it well, so thousands upon thousands of bad voice mail messages are left daily across North America. Millions of bad emails are being sent and tons of sales reps are wasting time and their company's money to do this.

How to Solve This Once and For All

Know who your buyers are - each type of buyer, often called buyer personas.

Create sales messaging around these buyer types.

Formulate a strategy to contact your target buyers with different messaging than by using the same over and over and over.

Stop wasting your time and your company's time by leaving generic messages about how you'd like to introduce your company to them. They do not have time for this. They are not interested in you until there is a reason.

Give them a reason to be interested in you through piquing their curiosity.

"John, I'm calling because two of your industry counterparts' stock price is up - and I know one reason why. They are clients of mine and they are doing something your company isn't. Please look for my email I'll be sending you shortly, and I hope to talk live by phone with you soon."

That type of message would catch my attention - would it catch yours?

What would get your attention to cause you to do a double-take, and re-read or simply focus on someone's message?

Do that, and your sales will GROW.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this - how do you get buyers to really hear what you are saying? What works for you?

Think of the best sales person you know. How do they knock people off of their homeostasis?

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